diamondOur companies have a legacy that many companies would envy. Three men started us in April of 1929 as Raleigh Tractor & Equipment Company as a Caterpillar dealer on Lane Street close to where the Legislative Building is today. They were J. M. Gregory, H. A. Mooneyham, and A. E. Finley. Mr. Gregory was the money behind the other two and funded the entire $90,000.00 investment necessary. In 1932, Mr. Finley decided to start N. C. Equipment Company as the International Construction Equipment dealer. In 1934, we gave up the Caterpillar franchise and became an International farm equipment and “motor truck dealer.” 1934 was also the year that my father, John M. Alexander, Sr. started working for International Harvester Company in Charlotte. This job came as a result of an introduction from his brother-in-law, McAlister Carson to the International Harvester Manager in Charlotte, H. D. Cogdell , the two of whom had met in a foxhole during World War I.